R.D. MEMORIAL is for Better Learning

The story behind foundation and successfully running of R.D.MEMORIAL public School is the inspiring account of a man, who ventured to his dreamed goal against the easy go of his contemporary society. Onlookers thought about him as a crazy young man who like the rest of his age group, was not running after a government job, despite having a doctorate degree in Philosophy. “Isn’t he wasting his career opportunity?

  • He ought to apply for a job soon or he’ll be age barred.” They commented. But the twenty six year soft-spoken man with fine features paid a deaf ear to his critics. He had made up his mind to do something different on his own.

  • He marched on candidly with firm determination to open an English medium school, which could impart quality education and cater to the need of the ever-growing population.

  • He did not ask for any support from his affluent family or well-to-do relatives and friends. It was a Herculean task and things ahead were tough.

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